KC3EF 10/28/18 Report

Richard Rohrer

Not much to report for today.  Propagation seemed to be favoring the East Coast.  Had a couple of nice rag chews and gave out grids to a couple of people.  Tried to work VA7GEM when in EM64, which he wanted, but no luck.  The entire trip thru the part of the grid on I22 took only about 12 minutes at 75 mph.  

Tomorrows grids are nothing special but if anyone want a Q I will be on for a bit in each grid.  EM63, EM71, EM70, EM80, and EL89 my home grid.  

Thanks to Steve who I need as a proof reader so I don't think I am in DM when I am in EM, hi hi.  Will be back in FL tomorrow evening and then the planning starts for the next adventure.  

Dick - KC3EF

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