Re: KC3EF 10/27/18 Report

VA7GEM -1470 <boat.anchor@...>

On Sat, Oct 27, 2018 at 07:23 PM, Richard Rohrer wrote:

Looks like tomorrows grids, unless real-time changes,  are:  EM37, EM47, EM46, EM45, EM55, EM54, EM63, and EM62.  Heading from Springfield, MO to Birmingham, AL.  

Dick - KC3EF
Dick & Kathy

TVM 4 advance notice.
I see that you are traversing from EM54 to EM63.
I believe that will require another few minutes of cutting the corner of EM64.
I think I have all needed grids for the balance of the trip as the official
grid checker is now green.
Will have to upload agn today and see if I have finished any more states.
Thanks for all the fun.

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