Re: KC3EF 10/26/18 Report

Stephen Melachrinos

Dick -

I'm disappointed that my work schedule has prevented me from working you in most of the grids. I'm glad you were able to work so many others.

Regarding tomorrow, I'm guessing you were on an "EN roll", because I suspect that you are moving from the EN field to the EM field when you leave EN20. (EN20 is not adjacent to EN29, and your original email announcement had all the rest of your grids as EMs.)


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Grids for tomorrow are:  EN00, EN10, EN20, EN29, EN39, EN38 and EN37.  Heading from Grand Island, NE to Springfield, MO.  I plan on call from each grid, since I have decided to keep track of every grid I have made a contact from, so I can see how many grids I have activated.  

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