Re: KC3EF/M Oct26

Bill Garwood

Thanks to Dick and xyl for all of the time and effort they put into this.  I managed one new grid today.  There were several EU stations all around 14.072 and a DL station on PSK63 almost on top of the KC3EF signal.  Made copy difficult at this QTH.

Also thanks to the members who have been spotting and helping keep up with Dick’s travels.


Have a great weekend… Happy Radio!



Bill N4GBK in FM16 NC


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Many thanks to Dick and even more to his XYL.

I managed DN80 in CO (rare by my standards). I only had one
contact there in 11yrs. Now I have a confirmed one.
Also made DN91 for 1st time since Feb/2012. Happy-Happy
The icing on the cake was DN90 in NE.
Things were a bit slow for Dick in DN91 so wrkd him twice.
What a great day and this weekend is my B'day - what a gift.

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