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Bill Garwood


This has caused some confusion in the past.  It is my understanding there can be UP TO one 6 hour continuous block per calendar (UTC) day. 

Local sunset here is around 2200 UTC in November.   If I start working stations say at 2000 UTC on Saturday and then do six hours, that puts me into the next day, 0200 UTC Sunday.  I cannot then start again Sunday at 2000 UTC as I have already worked some of my 6 hour block on that day.   It was explained to me that the contest scoring software will not let you do that.  Any other QSOs go into the check log and give you zero points.  So I guess if you want to work six hours each of the three days, you are best off starting at 0000 UTC or later each day and do 6 consecutive hours.  From here on the east coast, 40 and 80 meters may be open to Europe and South America late in the afternoon so if you start at 2000, you then shut down at 2359.  If you start at 0000, you may miss several potential  multipliers as the band has changed as it is well after dark.   I’ll be on each of the three days and depending on how the propagation is, then I’ll figure out what my blocks are.

Look at the scorer and how the logs were scored for the last couple of years.  Look at my score from 2016.  I lost a bunch of points.  Hope to see you in the contest.


Bill N4GBK   


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Read the rules and have some questions.

It states this is a 3 day sprint. It looks more like a pair of 3 day sprints.

WRT 6hr blocks - Will I end up with six 6HR blocks, one on each UTC date?


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