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Stephen Melachrinos

I have a vague recollection that someone activated DL88 during NPOTA year. I think it was KE5JL. I worked him in DL89, but his QRZ entry still says he was a campground host in Big Bend during early 2016.


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Triggered by Dick's - KC3EF - recent activation of rare grids, I looked back at Steve's - W3HF - work from August 2017 and the updates in David's - KJ4IZW - Awards Progress Checker database.  If I've got it right, there are now only 7 (or 8?) grids out of the 436 for the US-CONS-Grids Endorsement that have never been activated.

DM85 - New Mexico/Texas
DN25 - Idaho/Montana
DN34 - Idaho/Montana
DN52 - Wyoming
DN65 - Montana
DN75 - Montana
EN28 - Minnesota
DL88 - Texas? 
According to the Progress Checker, someoneone logged 6I2IUX from that grid in 2007, but I cannot run down that call.  It would be a call allotted to Mexico per the ITU, but I can't find that it was ever issued as a ham call.  That is the only one in the database for DL88.  I'm wondering if it was a busted grid. Having operated from DL89 in 2016, I know no one has operated from DL88 without it being a very specific intent!  It is a very small slice on the Rio Grande in Big Bend National Park, remote (one road in and it isn't a road! - what they call a two-track out west), and very inhospitable.  But that doesn't mean it didn't happen.  So that one gets a question mark.

Corrections and updates to this posting are welcome!

Anyone out there willing to go /M or /P and put one of these last few grids on the air?  Your praises will long be sung by many 070ers!

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