Re: Nobody hoe?


Hi, all:
after many years inactive in radio, I see amazed how things have changed, Now it seems that everyone works ft8 and I also call at 14070 on psk31/63, about 22:30 EA (20:30GMT) but no answer.

I don't know which band is the best at that time to do CQ with North America. Much worse with modes like OLIVIA, HELLS, COMTESTIA, etc.

I'm a Multipsk user and I use RSID Video ID, but I don't get an answer.


El mar., 2 oct. 2018 a las 23:22, Stephen Melachrinos (<melachri@...>) escribió:
Ken -

Unfortunately I was at work. Can we try tonight?


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Calling CQ on 14.070. As usual, nobody there...


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