KC3EF Report for 10/03/18

Richard Rohrer

Today seemed to have its ups and downs for propagation.  Worked N7WE twice, KD9HAV, W9SMR/9, KD9KHI, N8LIS, KC4DM, and V9UN.  Going thru the mountains and canyons seemed to have an effect on radio transmissions.  Propagation seemed to favor South and the mid West.   

Sorry Stan, I did not pickup that you need DM55, so we were listening to a book on tape and watching the scenery.  

Tomorrows grids are: DM37, DM38, DM28, DM29, and DN20.  We are staying in DM37 so I will probably be on around 8:30 MDT or 10:30 EDT.  We are heading from Kanab, UT to Great Basin, NV and then up to Elko, NV.  I may not have access to send emails when we change grids.  

Dick - KC3EF

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