Re: KC3EF/M Report for 10/01/18

Richard Rohrer

Ok Stan,

Heading down to the VLA so will be at EM63 in a hour or so.  

Dick KC3EF

On Tue, Oct 2, 2018, 6:05 AM stan robinson <robinstan@...> wrote:

I have been using the W9SMR/9 call consistently when I migrate back to NE Indiana for my near-half year stay.  I have separate accounts in eQSL. LoTW and QRZ. I have different paper QSL's as well.

So. please use that call.

I am short-time here, however. We plan the Great Migration in about 2 weeks. That may change my prospects for tracking you as you continue your adventure. I have a Hex at 50 feet here and dipoles under the red tile roof down there. Oh, well, 'tiz what it 'tiz.

Thanks to you and your very forgiving XYL for providing this opportunity.

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continued from last message, hit the wrong button.

KE8HAF, and KK7UQ.

Thought I saw Rick again when I was in EM73, but could not get any copy.

Operating was interrupted with a issue with the mini-van.  The van stalled out and had a bad gas smell, fortunately we had pulled off the road into a truck tire repair shop in the middle of no were TX.  I open the hood and found that gas was dripping from the manifold on to the engine.  One of the fellows from the truck place took a look at it and found that the fuel line had started backing out of it connection on the manifold.  He pushed it in until it locked and then spend some time cleaning the spilled gas off the engine.  When that was finished we were on our way again.  Going to have a little chat with the repair shop we use in Gainesville when we return.

Also Stan, should I log and send QSL info to LOTW and EQSL as W9SMR/9 or W9SMR?

We missed EM63 today as we took a different route to Albuquerque, but will be going thru it tomorrow when we go to the VLA. Probably be on around 9:00 MDT or so.

Dick - KC3EF


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