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Well sometimes you just have versions forced on you because all the support for the old ones go away and no one believes in backwards compatiblity at all...To accuse users of not doing the research and calling them lazy is an insult to many that unhappily worked throught the problems made by some egotistical primadona that thinks he's better than anyone else...Lost all my respect for you Jim...Thought you were better than that...
Brian K9WIS.................former PODXS member..

---- Jim K5SP <> wrote:

I also have been using W10 since it came out.  I have it on 3 PC's in my
household, and one laptop.  I have not had a problem with W10, W8, W7 or
any other version of windows.

It is my belief, that all these complainers are people that have NOT
researched the new versions, just installed it, and let it do what it
wanted to do.  Then, when shown a new UI, become confused because it is
not what they are used to seeing.  Many are people that are adverse to
change, and want things to always stay the "way they were", immediately
say they hate the new version, go back to the older, less secure
version, because they don't want to invest the time to learn the new
system.  To me, all the versions have been intuitive, and once you get
used to the "new way of doing the same things you used to do", all is well.

Just my .02

Jim, K5SP

On 9/27/2018 11:26 AM, Richard Rohrer wrote:
I have been using Windows10 for quite a while.  Using an Asus with SSD
and have no problems, except that sometimes and update will change my
sound card interface and I have to re-setup.  I use and Icom with
build in sound card.  I have found a new driver that solves the
Prolific problem so all of my old cables using the that chip set now
work fine.

Don't seem to have any processor or disk loading problems.

Dick - KC3EF

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