Re: KC3EF October Trip

Richard Rohrer

Hi Rick,

Grids for the return trip.

CN81 DN61
CN82 DN71
CN83 DN81
CN84 DN91
CN85 EN00
CN86 EN10
CN87 EN20
CN97 EM29
CN96 EM39
DN06 EM38
DN05 EM37
DN14 EM47
DN15 EM46
DN13 EM45
DN23 EM55
DN22 EM54
DN32 EM54
DN31 EM63
DN41 EM62
DN40 EM71


Let me know if anyone needs any of these.  Will be heading thru these near the end of the month, except for CN82-CN86.

Dick - KC3EF

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