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Ray Clements

For those of you who have spent the past 9 years using Windows 7, upgrading directly to Windows 10 can be a challenge. Those of us who followed the normal upgrade path were able to spread the transition over several generations of Windows.

I currently have three desktop computers and two laptops running Windows 10. I still keep one old desktop on Windows 7 because the motherboard has a hard drive interface on the motherboard for which there are no Windows 8 and higher drivers available, so it won't run anything other than Windows 7. I keep it to run software that has trouble running under Windows 10. Some older ham programs have difficulty running under Windows 10, but most will.

For hams, the biggest issue with Windows 10 seems to be USB to serial port adapters. The adapters that use the older Prolific chips do not work under Windows 10. The best adapters use either FTDI chips or Silicon Lab chips. I understand that Prolific has new chips that work under Windows 10, but I have not tried them, so I recommend using FTDI chips. You can get a decent adapter cable for about $15. 

I never liked the new interface that Microsoft released to replace the start menu of Windows 7. Thus, on all my Windows 10 computers, I have installed a program called Start 10 by Stardock. It costs $4.99 per computer and restores the original Windows 7 interface. It is well worth the money. If you are one who considers 5 bucks to be expensive, then you can use a free program called Classic Start Menu. 

If you need any help with the transition to Windows 10, I may be able to help. 


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Got a WIN 10 machine about 3 weeks ago.  I hate it.  The WIN 10 environment sucks !  Seems it doesn’t like to send attachments and hates my Canon digital camera software.


I got hold of a WIN 7 machine which I have as yet to get running due to time and work. Don’t know why they keep messing with different version of WIN…  maybe it’s time to go back to DOS ?   😊   ha-ha !


Jerry  n9avy 


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Well finally bit the bullet and updated my shack computer to windows10..OMG what a nightmare..Sure the windows install part went pretty smooth, but getting all the drivers to work with all the ham gear was a real trip..Microsoft is so helpful that they insisted that the drivers that were installed were the 'best Available' driver, despite the fact that they didnt work with any of my usb to serial cables and external sound card. Really had to dig into windows and turn off all that 'helpful' software that checks for 'signatures' in the drivers to make sure they are microsoft approved, and to turn off driver updates so once you do get the old drivers installed windows doesnt do you the favor of overwriting them with new ones that dont work. And the for the final insult I got the programs running but they couldn't hear any FT8 or PSK signals from the radio. After 2 days of searching I found out that once again, windows was doing us a favor to protect our privacy and required you to go into the control panel and grant access to any Apps that want to use the microphone input.....Ahhhhhhhhh!


Well I finally got wsjt-x and FLDigi running on my laptop with windows10...that means windows 11 is just around the corner I am sure. FLDigi has come a long way since I used it a long time ago. You can set it up to operate pretty much like HRD and still have the hundred bucks in your pocket that you didnt spend on HRD...YAY!.


I hope you guys are having a better time with technology than this old ham is..Bring back the tubes!!


Look for this feeble signal on the bands.


Brian K9WIS




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