Migration to Windows 10 - OMG!

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Well finally bit the bullet and updated my shack computer to windows10..OMG what a nightmare..Sure the windows install part went pretty smooth, but getting all the drivers to work with all the ham gear was a real trip..Microsoft is so helpful that they insisted that the drivers that were installed were the 'best Available' driver, despite the fact that they didnt work with any of my usb to serial cables and external sound card. Really had to dig into windows and turn off all that 'helpful' software that checks for 'signatures' in the drivers to make sure they are microsoft approved, and to turn off driver updates so once you do get the old drivers installed windows doesnt do you the favor of overwriting them with new ones that dont work. And the for the final insult I got the programs running but they couldn't hear any FT8 or PSK signals from the radio. After 2 days of searching I found out that once again, windows was doing us a favor to protect our privacy and required you to go into the control panel and grant access to any Apps that want to use the microphone input.....Ahhhhhhhhh!

Well I finally got wsjt-x and FLDigi running on my laptop with windows10...that means windows 11 is just around the corner I am sure. FLDigi has come a long way since I used it a long time ago. You can set it up to operate pretty much like HRD and still have the hundred bucks in your pocket that you didnt spend on HRD...YAY!.

I hope you guys are having a better time with technology than this old ham is..Bring back the tubes!!

Look for this feeble signal on the bands.

Brian K9WIS

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