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W5MMW Matt Manjos

No problem! Glad that helped.

I think the next one is just either pressing or pressing and holding the filter button to open up the bandwidth.


On Mon, Aug 27, 2018, 14:31 Steve R via Groups.Io <> wrote:

Must be ICOM day. Ok, that did the trick, those sneaky menus hidden behind a menu..hi!   I also thought all UART Bridge Drivers are the same, but apparently not.


Only problem left is that my FLdigi water fall is only about 1000 hertz wide.  I was able to adjust TWN PBT to get it that wide. I will look in book for bandwidth setting….got to be something simple.


Thanks for the help Matt.




From: W5MMW Matt Manjos
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Subject: Re: [070Club] ICOM 7200 PSK


I use that rig for most of my portable ops and it does great with PSK.


The trick - and I got stuck with this issue as well when I first got it - is to go into the second menu (hold the menu button down to get the first menu and then hold it down again to get the second menu) and make sure "DATA MOD" is changed to "U" for USB Port


Otherwise, it will try to listen on the analog input ports when in DATA mode.


Hope that helps - unfortunately I don't have access to the rig right at the moment so I can't take any pictures. Feel free to contact me if you need any clarification.







On Mon, Aug 27, 2018 at 10:55 AM, Steve R via Groups.Io <oldjavadrinker@...> wrote:

Does anyone have experience using the Icom 7200 via the USB port with PSK?  Our club has this rig and we could not get it to transmit over the weekend via USB and digital mode.

Drop me an email at oldjavadrinker@... if you do, I have some questions.




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