Re: Where did all the PSK31 operators Go ??


All have fallen love with ft8!! <G>

On 8/16/2018 10:01 AM, Paul Milward wrote:
I have been on everyday in 2018 and made at least 1 PSK31 contact each day. I usually operate on 20m, sometime between 1500 -  2000 utc for about 1 hour. 20m has been tough most of the year, but with persistence and patience,  complete QSOs are possible.
And yes it is conditions. We are near the bottom of the Solar cycle and I predict that it will be more difficult for us before it gets better. 
Bottom line, hang in, keep trying because in the end persistence and patience will payoff.
Hoping to contact You on PSK31
Paul NU4C 070 #824

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From: Geary McDowell <ke5irk@...>
Date: 8/16/18 09:30 (GMT-05:00)
Subject: Re: [070Club] Where did all the PSK31 operators Go ??

HI HI I wondered the same, then I see one, then two, then none.  My Halloween SWR issues have returned off and on and 20 having been my best operational band had been inoperable this week.  I blame it on conditions as there is nothing else I can do about it.  HI HI  Makes it tough to work on the 365/366 for sure.
73 Geary KE5IRK
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On Thu, Aug 16, 2018 at 8:05 AM w2eck <eckerpw@...> wrote:
the last few days I have been on 20M and 40M  to work some PSK31 QSOs, but guess what --- there is nobody on !!  Has everyone deserted this great mode or is it just me?/  Maybe my psk radio isn't receiving well anymore :0))   Is it just me or have others noticed the same thing?

When all else fails, Amateur Radio works.

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