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I’m with David, always good to share widely. The method David describes is how I’ve always done it, although I’ve found it simpler to set up ‘macro’ buttons to set the frequency and also put the radio in the right mode, etc. So I have a ‘20m PSK31’ button which sets the frequency to 14070.0, puts the radio in DATA MODE, etc. I find that a lot less fiddly than using the frequency list.

And if you’re just wanting fldigi users to have in your pocket as a resource, put me on the list. I’m happy to help anyone I can with any fldigi issue I can field. I’m no expert but I’ve got a fair number of psk QSOs all done with fldigi.

-p W7PFB
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Anyone using fldigi, please email me direct.I have a question about the frequency and how to add a frequency to the frequency list. Thanks
No reason not to share. The easiest way is

1. select a spot in the list
2. set to the few you want
3. hit the plus sign to add

Is there something more specific you are looking for?

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