APE award request


Everyone, please see below the planned APE for Dale, WD4DIY


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From: Dale Waterson <wd4diy@...>
Date: Wed, Aug 8, 2018 at 10:39 AM
Subject: Re: APE award request
To: Bryon <nnegrom@...>

Hi Bryon,

Yea, website maintenance is TIME CONSUMING !!!!  I have my own web site where I sell my artwork and it can be a pain.

You can go ahead and post the following schedule

Activation Date: 8/15
            17:00 Z; 20 Meters PSK31
            18:00 Z, 40 Meters PSK31
            19:00 Z, 15 Meters PSK31

I will be on more (days/times), if anyone is interested, watch the Parks on the Air Website Spotting page POTA Spotting.  I will spot myself when I go active.

BTW, good job on the website.  Remember you are a VOLUNTEER :-)


On Wednesday, August 8, 2018, 10:52:07 AM EDT, Bryon <nnegrom@...> wrote:


Hello sir. I've not done a good job updating the website this year. I'm going to do that this week. I've been sending out posts to the group about who has had events. Sorry you missed those. You can post to the group, or you can email me and I'll post to the group. Once you know we will want to send it out so that we can help drive you some activity. I can also add yours to the website with the others.

Bryon, W7RIV

On Wed, Aug 8, 2018 at 12:36 AM Matthew King - AK4MK <KK4CPS@...> wrote:
Hey, Dale!

I'm not worried about the two week window. That exists so that we can give you plenty of advertising time.

Do pass along the days, at least, please. Past that, just feel free to post to the groups.io email reflector.

Speaking of, I see that you're a member of that group, but that you're set to only receive "special" messages. That's eliminating you from the fun! :-)

Seriously, consider being a regular subscriber so that you'll get the other APE notifications and such. Here's the link to the group: https://groups.io/g/070Club

Good luck with your APE event!


Matt King
AK4MK - 070 #1708
PODXS 070 Club Executive Director

On Tue, Aug 7, 2018 at 9:21 PM, Dale Waterson <wd4diy@...> wrote:
I know I am outside the 2 week window, however, my wife and I have decided to go camping in the Natahala National Forest next week.

I did not see a page for any 2018 activites, but would be interested in doing one.

I can do 15/20/40 M with my portable setup.

Do you need specific day and time, or can I post somewhere?

Let me know



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