CURRENT APE 2018 Plans


CURRENT APE 2018 Plans


If you do not see it here, I’ve missed it or never received it. If there are updates to this, please respond to the email and let me know.




2018 Aug 18, Sat 0001 EDT thru 19th Sun 2359 EDT (48 hour)

de my camp site FM27gw on Mosquito Creek near Mosquito Point nr Chincoteague Bay VA.


Sun rise to twilight on 20m, I will call CQ/APE top of each hour for five minutes at 5 Watts

Gray line  tbd 20, 40, maybe 80m, maybe 15m but CQ/APE top ...AND... bottom each hour

Sun set to am twilight on 40m, I will call CQ/APE top of each hour for five minutes at 5 Watts


And will confirm with special 'Skeeter Creek QSL' cards for two/way QRP (5W) QSOs.


PSAT NO-84 will make several gQQd passes same weekend.

10m psk 31 up (5W ssb max) / 2m psk 31 down (I read, yet to try ... "If adjusting for Doppler shift manually try tuning the uplink frequency while transmitting to keep the downlink (waterfall) frequency constant"). Will also lQQk into Doppler correction download.







Stan (W9SMR/9) and I (KC9UR) are looking forward to our 6th year-in-a-row "Pontoon Portable" APE from Clear Lake in northeast Indiana.  Unfortunately I'm in the midst of home buying/selling/moving, and the uncertainties of that are keeping  the date TBD.  We have really enjoyed our past 5 APEs, and would strongly encourage those who have never tried it to give it a go (hunting APEs is addictive).  It's great fun to reconnect with old friends and make new ones.  Portable operation is fun, exciting (watch out for those Indiana thunderstorms), and a great learning experience.  We are looking forward to working many of you again this year!

73, Bob, KC9UR



Justin Mattes-KC2GIK

I again want to invite ANY 070 member to beautiful Cape May NJ to activate
the Cape May Lighthouse. Two years ago Steve,W3HF came dome and despite
some obstacles we managed a good two days of operating time. I also
haven't been able to get on HF for certain reasons so now's my chance. Any
takers can e-mail directly. I even have an in with a motel owner r ight
down my street can get some great mid-week deals!!!!!

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