cw (was local VHF GROUP)

Paul Butzi (W7PFB)

Don’t worry about right brain/left brain. It might be true that cw is harder for lefthanders than righthanders but you’re going to have to master it with the brain you’ve got so it doesn’t matter.

Try the Morse Machine on  Feel free to contact me if you need some encouragement or can’t sort something out or are unclear on how to get started.

(for the record, I got the dirty end of the stick with regards to left/right handedness, having been born a southpaw and then forced into right-handedness.)

-p W7PFB
73, Don’t forget to smile and have fun!

On Jul 18, 2018, at 7:46 AM, John Hendry <archer@...> wrote:

I'll give it a try.   Code has always been my Waterloo.   I've been told its a left brain vs right brain thing, and that its exceptionally difficult for those who are left handed to be able to learn code.  

something about processing time in the brain being slower for some things.  


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