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If I can do it so can anyone else !   People just need to be motivated.  CW is learnable.

CW is indeed learnable.  After many, many frustrating abortive efforts I took a new tack in October, and I can fairly reliably copy at 12 wpm now, and I’m working on speed.

The problem I had for years was thinking that CW was something I needed to learn in the same sense as learning calculus - just sit down and study until you get the concepts down and know how to apply them.  It’s not mathematics or history.  For me, anyway, learning at 5 wpm, decoding the dits and dahs, and thinking “hmm three dits and a dah, that’s, um, a V!” was a repeated dead end.

In the end, for me, it’s been about training a reflex.  If someone is interested in trying what I’ve done, go to and create an account.  There’s a tool there called ‘morse machine’, which will help you recognize the sound of each letter without ever breaking it down into dits and dahs.  Set the letter speed to 15-18 wpm, and this web app will introduce letters one at a time.  For me, that tool was the key to eliminating the frustration.

Remember, you’re training a reflex, not ‘learning’.  It’s not a matter of being smart or stupid, it’s a matter of enough training time to set the patterns in your brain.  Be patient with yourself. has a whole bunch of different tools - random drills, plaintext drills, you name it.  It’s a tremendous resource for anyone who wants to learn CW, and it’s free free free.

I’m convinced that if anyone who can commit to 15 minutes a day will make steady progress.  It’s worked for me.

-p W7PFB
73, Don’t forget to smile and have fun!

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