Stephen Melachrinos

They have to. It's their only chance to beat out W2SZ.


Seriously, though, how many of us adjust our power to "the minimum practical to make a QSO" when we're operating in a contest? Last weekend, I decided I'd operate in the Low Power category for the 070 Firecracker Sprint, set the power at 25 watts, and didn't think about it again even though I'm sure I could have made many of those QSOs with less than 10 watts. I presume those in the Medium and High Power categories did the same. They're in a contest in an unlimited power category, so using big amps makes sense. 

(W2SZ alumnus)

(And FWIW, the PackRats haven't been competitive with the MGEF since the mid-1970s.) 

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Their vhf contest handbook
If you read thought it tells there operators to run max power it all time   (they have the widest nosiest signals)
No other stations in this area can think about trying and freq about 50Mhz
This is just written proof of what the new hams are all about
         de N2MLP Brian
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