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The 2018 August PSK31 Expedition (APE) event is fast approaching and this year will be a special tribute

In Memory of Larry Brown - WB5CXC-  SK 12/01/2017

Larry was Member #1616, our APE Coordinator, and a member of “The TEXAS Boys” annual APE Expedition.  This year we will honor Larry’s commitment to 070 Club, his dedicated service as APE Coordinator, and his friendship.  RIP Larry.  You are missed!

In order to get timely notice up on the website, we need your dates and details ASAP!  Details of what is needed and where to send it (email address in #4 under 070 Club Requirements) can be found here.  REQUIREMENTS  Also have a look at last years listings here  2017 Planned APEs. That is very helpful as to what we needed.  Even if your plans aren’t firm, please send in your proposed activity.  You can always update or change your plans as they firm up!

Will “The TEXAS Boys” Skip, Ken, and Charles be operational again this year from Lake Sam Rayburn?  Will there be a Pontoon Portable from Round Lake, Indiana by Bob KC9UR and Stan W9SMR?  Is Matt, W5MMW/VE going to be in Canada again this August?  Last year Dave - KB3RAN was a Maritime Mobile while on a Windjammer cruise.  Going again this year Dave?  If so, we’re all jealous! 

Will we have APEs from Europe this year?  It has been a few years since Calvi IK1AMC put Italy in the mix!  Maybe some of our members in the UK will go APE this year?  And who is planning their first ever APE this year?  There are a lot of great portable sites out there and you only have to get 20 miles from your home QTH.  Doesn’t have to be a week-long trip.  All you need is 20 QSOs to qualify your APE.  And if the propagation genies are with us, that can be done very quickly.

Whatever your plans – or just dreams – Bryon - W7RIV – our new APE Coordinator needs to hear from you ASAP.  PLEASE!


Rick - N7WE
070 - #1602
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