Folks we have had too much hype and distractions going on! Lets talk about something we can all go APE about!

I've had a few inquiries and people starting their plans. Lets have some discussion. What are your plans for APE?

If you don't know what APE is, it stands for August PSK Expedition. You go out, work away from your home station and make 20 contacts! We then like to put up a report of where you went, along with some pictures, and what you learned.

I've been part of my own APE. I know others in the club go out together, even on a pontoon boat! I would love to do that. Even if you cannot make it out helping make contacts during the day/time is critical to the success of this as well. 

If you have questions, or need help figuring out how to got portable/mobile. Let myself or the group know. We can help you out.

Bryon Densley, W7RIV
APE Coordinator

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