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Stephen Melachrinos

It would be interesting to challenge the "no transmitting antennas", pointing out that just about everyone has a keyless entry for their car, a cordless telephone, a cell phone, other bluetooth devices (like Apple Earpods and ever their cars), computers/tablets/printers/routers with wifi, and a microwave oven, each of which has a transmitting antenna.


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I don't know about Paula's specific situation, but normally rather than banning ham radio antennas, the HOA will allow receiving antennas. That would include FM radio receiving antennas, satellite tv dishes. and TV antennas. However, they may regulate the diameter of a dish, or the height of the TVĀ  or FM antenna above the roof line, or the type of mounting. My HOA prohibits chimney mounts. The HOA will then ban any and all transmitting antennas. That includes ham radio antennas, CB antennas, GMRS antennas, VHF public service antennas, etc. Thus, by banning all transmitting antennas, they are not discriminating against hams.


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