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Matthew King - AK4MK

Well, heck, if this thing that I labor over in some way nearly every day is dead, please let me know so that I can get those hours of my life back! I bet the other staff members would like to know as well!!   :-D 

I have a notion of who may have said that. If I'm right, I'm not surprised, if I'm wrong, well, I'm wrong. Either way, I'm not going to concern myself with the opinions of an obviously bitter individual that was afraid to grow and enjoy the progress of the club and all the new things we now offer. That thing that DOES bother me (quite a bit, actually) is that he is negatively coloring the opinions of other folks who may not have previously heard of or tried out our lil' ole club. Knowing the name of the "culprit" here is not terribly important to me, but I would be curious to know the list/board in question so that I could consider some sort of collateral damage action. Dick, if you feel like that's appropriate, please let me know offline. If you'd rather not, that's OK too.

If this is who I think it is, the "we know better" newbies he refers to actually began with David and his wonderful automated endorsement checker and automated contest scorer. You know, those things that make the club remotely possible with as many NEW members as we have and NEW endorsements as we have!  It'd be complete futility to try to run this club on spreadsheets, emails, and TXT ADIF files, but somehow the very innovations that eliminated these things killed the club? At this point, killing that technology WOULD kill the club.

Since I "took over" from David as Executive Director (ah, it's not called a "president" anymore - reckon there's some dead tradition...) in June 2014, off the top of my head we've done the following...
  • added ** 850 ** new members (current at the time I wrote this email) 
  • added several new staff positions and increased pay for all of them by 200% (we're all now 300% VOLUNTEER! *GRIN*)  (
  • added a couple contests and revamped others
  • revamped all of our contest rules into one cohesive document and expounded upon individual contest's differences/additions to the main rule list
  • did a soft introduction of our "Contest Championship Cup" Series (that will be discussed/seen again soon)
  • introduced the "Rollo Dog Tag" for contest Top Dawgs
  • opened all of our contests to the outside world, instead of some being "members only" ** effective January 2019 ** 
  • adopted a new logo (oops, that must be more "tradition" slipping away, right? *sigh*)
  • integrated with ClubLog to become one of their more popular club affiliation options
  • created many new graphics and updated many others
  • introduced many new endorsements 
  • introduced a few new attaboys (the ILLW Lighthouse weekend, for example)
  • introduced the GRIDS award program
  • revamped most of our certificates
  • introduced the ABCD certificate/attaboy sticker for those making significant donations to the club ($25+ at one time)
  • updated our mailing schedule to 3 times a year in an effort to be more frugal in light of the large membership growth we've had
  • though I really didn't like delaying them, we started mailing all of our contest certificates after the contest season is over, again to be more frugal from a postage standpoint
  • made possible the downloading of all of our membership, overflow, and endorsement certificates (
  • started mailing the full complement of 070 certificates in the domestic "new member" packets so nobody is missing anything or requires additional "Large Envelope" postage expenditures for endorsements beyond the first mailing 
  • off shore new members can receive the full complement of color-laser-printed parchment and heavy card stock certificates for a $5USD donation if they so choose, or they can download the certificates and print them at home
  • transitioned to a much more capable user group/email reflector system with the move
  • NOT resorted to an "emailed endorsement" scheme (nor will we). That would, in my opinion (and I suspect many other's as well) destroy the very fabric of the club - our STICKERS!  Our stickers are at the very foundation of the club! They're a lot of work and they require donations and fundraisers, but by golly, they're worth every bit of it!
We have eliminated a couple things that I guess could be called traditions.... the random "operating events" (not contests) and new member jamborees. While we'll certainly have some sort of shindig at the 3000 member mark, and possibly at other milestones before then, doing one every 50-100 members when we're growing (on average) at 200 members a month wasn't feasible and wouldn't have continued to be fun.  That growth rate is down now due to FT-8 and poor band condx, but I believe we'll continue to gradually grow and could see a "come back" as the bands start to improve and people tire of exchanging grid squares and nothing more (basically - not trying to start another FT-8 conversation!)

As far as the random "operating events" go... well, Rick, our 070 Club P.R. Director has a great new idea for this that we're currently working on and will be introducing soon. These should prove to be popular, I do believe! Stay tuned!

Let me be very clear on one thing. NONE of the above is to take away from or "take swipes at" the previous management teams. On the contrary, without them there would be no 070 Club to nurture and grow! We've merely continued rolling the ball along that they kick started back in 2000. 

I hope this wasn't too much a rant as it really wasn't intended that way.  My point was to show that, rather than eschewing tradition, we've grown and matured the club in many, many ways since the management change overs in 2014. 

As a last note, if the membership isn't happy with the direction the club is going, all you have to do is contact me as THE BUCK STOPS HERE. We'll figure something out together. I'm very much a "don't grip unless you have a better idea" type of person, and that's certainly not what I heard from the author of the comment that Dick originally quoted from the other board. I'm ALWAYS open to ideas and eagerly check my email every day, hoping to see something interesting either from an 070 member directly, or on one of our reflectors. Please, feel free to send something any time!

vy 73!

Matt King
AK4MK - 070 #1708
PODXS 070 Club Executive Director

On Fri, Jul 6, 2018 at 1:19 PM, Richard Rohrer <kc3ef@...> wrote:
I found this comment posted on another group.  

"The new regime at the 070 Club lost sight of the 070 Club traditions several years ago. A lot of the OT’s quit or went SK. The ‘we know better’ newbies killed the premiere PSK club and it has not recovered. "

I did not know the 070 group was dead and who killed it?

Dick - KC3EF

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