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Stephen Melachrinos

Jerry -
That's one of the reasons I don't do FB. I'm probably too pragmatic and blunt to survive there. (Occupational hazard of being an engineer.)

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Had this been posted to Facebook , you would have had about 100 replies calling you every name under the sun and possibly some threats on your life.  Aren't you glad this is not Facebook ???     

Started out putting stuff on Eqsl to help others out.  Same thing with LoTW and Bureau cards.

Jerry  n9avy

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Regarding: [eQSLs provide] "little reward"
I guess it depends on what you want.
eQSL provides:
- a free online QSL experience that is easier to use than LoTW
- QSLs that are generally faster than paper QSLs
- confirmation of QSOs from some stations that don't use any other method
- QSLs that can apply to awards from CQ, TARA, WIA, DARC, and a number of other organization including our own 070 club (for the one confirmed QSO)
eQSL is probably NOT for you if:
- you don't like electronic QSLs at all, or
- your only award interests are ARRL (like DXCC), RSGB, or awards that don't need any QSLs at all
- you don't care about confirming QSOs via any method
- you don't care about helping other hams who fit into the categories listed in the "eQSL provides" list above.
Note that I am not trying to start an argument here. Each person is free to have their own opinion, and should make their own decision based on their own situation and interests. I just want to point out that one person's decision shouldn't be interpreted as either a recommendation or a condemnation of others' opinions/decisions.

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