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Ray Clements

If you only upload every few months (or years), it is going to take a lot of work to reconcile everything. I upload after every contact. I download from eQSL every time I upload to LoTW. Every now and then I will download something from eQSL that is not in my log. In most cases, it is a SWL request for confirmation of a contact I made with someone else and I can honor that request.  I only get a few bogus records each year, so reconciliation is easy.


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I just tried to balance/confirm my eQsl log. Now I remember why I stopped using eQsl.  A whole lot of work for very little reward. So......back in hibernation mode for eQsl

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HI HI I hate to admit it, but I am way behind.  When only working PSK and voice I would usually check eQsl daily too.  With FT8 I don't go there often now and last week I was over the limit, which is 2000, and they all could not display.  I got about 600 confirmed and clearer out.  I need to spend a day just to catch up on that.  And I am still fighting QSL cards trying to get caught up and making changes in my log when I receive a card.  Had hoped to be caught up by July 1, but with the back issues and not being able to sit long that is not happening, but I am close!  So Jerry, I bet you never let your eQsls get out of hand like I did.  HI HI
73 Geary KE5IRK #1787

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Checked my Eqsl (which I do daily) this morning and found 51 confirmations !    50 were from NU4C... Thanks Paul !   Better late than never.  Assumed all were correct so just checked them off.

Jerry N9AVY

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