Re: KC3EF October Trip

Stephen Melachrinos

Dick -

I'm surprised--I only need 8

DM28, 29, 38, 46 and 47
DN01, 10, 11

Keep us informed.


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From: Jerry N9AVY <n9avy@...>
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Out of all you listed, I only need 11 of those grids !   Hope conditions will allow us contacts.  

Good luck !!!  Travel safe !

Jerry  n9avy

From: Richard Rohrer <kc3ef@...>
Sent: Wednesday, June 13, 2018 4:29 PM
Subject: [070Club] KC3EF October Trip

The XYL are driving from FL to Oregon/Washington this October.  I have attached a pdf file of all of the grids we will be going thru on our way to Oregon. 
I plan on being active on PSK31, but if anyone needs another mode let me know.  Also, l- et me know which grids you need.  I will be sending the day/times when I will 
be in each grid as the trip gets closer.  

Dick - KC3EF

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