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Paula K7PAX #1739

If it is, I already have it. I have worked Valdez many times.


Paula K7PAX 1739


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Check Valdez, it may be an IOTA I think

Jerry  n9avy

From: Paula K7PAX #1739 <hamette@...>
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Hi hi - yep, that's about right. I wish it always worked that way. I did get
it to point north and worked a Valdez, Alaska station. And south again, for
Puerto Rico I think. Not close to the logbook to check right now though . .
. And there were lots that could hear me but that I could not copy . . .

Paula K7PAX 1739

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Hi Barry -

I feel your pain.  I called less than you but was listening almost every
waking minute, and wound up about the same as last year.

Contesting from the Left Coast is painful, doubly so near the bottom of the
sunspot cycle.

I cudda done better if I could hear better: I was seeing traces replying to
my calls but which I just couldn't decode.

Clearly, I gotta improve my shack and my receiving antennas.

BTW, had a funny QSO with K7PAX.  Don't remember the exact wording, but it
was something like this:


cq cq de bonus station WA6I WA6I k

wa6i wa6i de k7pax k7pax <-- with a bunch of decode noise

k7pax de wa6i
Paula, can you point your hex more to the south? k




I have gotta get me one of thise hexbeams!  hihihihihi

73 de WA6I (Wolf)

On Mon, Jun 04, 2018 at 09:35:43AM -0700, VA7GEM -1470 via Groups.Io wrote:

> Good morning
> Just a few thoughts.
> Another fun contest with (unfortunately) very few band openings for
> me. I ended up with 42hrs of on air time and 68 contacts in the log.
> Six of those were non-members but I took the time to do the sales
> pitch. This equals a run rate of 1.5 contacts per hour. Most contacts
> were marginal requiring multiple re-transmits.
> Have a good week all.
> Barry


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