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Ray Clements

Sorry, I meant to say the PSK was almost non-existent for the "past few months". It was certainly not non-existent this weekend.

I also forgot to thank those who volunteered their time and their stations to be bonus stations this weekend. Without them, the TDW would not have been the same. 


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Considering PSK has been almost non-existent most of the weekend, it was nice to be able to make contacts. I got several of the bonus stations on both 20m and 40m. 

I worked a few stations on 10 m. I guess there was also a 10-10 Open Season event going on, so I spotted some signals there. Too bad N9AVY's station went into a coma this weekend; he could have work both events as he  is also a prominent member of 10-10 as well as 070.

We got several new members this weekend. 

Even though the bands were quite challenging at time, it was a FB time for those who were able to get on the air for even a portion of the three days. I look forward to next year.

Ray N9RWC  

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As I am sitting here trying to get the last couple of contacts I had some thoughts about the weekend. Despite the conditions it was fun. To make some contacts you had to work at it. One had to check prop, watch bands come in and out, hop around some, which in my mind was very entertaining and challenging. I certainly didnt see any DX burning through, but there was and is activity. So when everyone says the bands are dead....they are dead because no one is working them. I saw some very interesting propagation, and yes there were times where the bottom would fall out of band, but it popped right up, One just has to be persistent.

I never saw the two UK bonus stations, so I hope you chaps over there didnt have to talk only to yourselves, hi! Would been nice to see some DX\

Finally I think we stirred some interest. I made a couple of non contest QSO's where the operator wanted to know about the club and the contest. So, my thoughts....thanks to the PODX gang for keeping this running and making the contests.


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