Re: Keeping track of previous contacts during contest

Dan Morris - KZ3T

Oh, and with PSK Express I forgot to mention, it has the capability of creating up to 100 macros.  There are 10 banks of 10 macros in each bank.
So, I have one band for 10-10 stuff only, 1 bank for 10-10 contests, 1 bank for 12-80 general digital contacts, 1 bank for working on 30 meters only of which I give out my 30MDG number (on 30 meters only, doesn’t do any good to give out a 30MDG number if not on 30 meters!!), and then a couple of banks for PODXS contests.   I still have several banks left for anything else I might come up with.   I’m not sure any other program has that capability with that many macros but I could be wrong.

Dan Morris  KZ3T

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On May 31, 2018, at 11:17 AM, Bill Maier <ciric50@...> wrote:

I'm very new to contesting, and I'm wondering how people keep track of the callsigns/bands they've already worked in a contest. I use fldigi and as far as I know there is no automatic way of determining this quickly. Is there some technique for doing this, or other PSK software that does this for you?

-Bill  KG5RMJ

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