Re: CW Invasion?

Jerry N9AVY

There have been some RTTY stations on 14.070 which I've been chalking up to uninformed newbies.  The has also be various other digital modes at the low end of 14070. Chalk it up to ignorance, having to move up because of other digital modes QRM, or any othe excuse.
Jerry  n9avy

From: Stephen Melachrinos <melachri@...>
Sent: Saturday, May 26, 2018 4:03 PM
Subject: Re: [070Club] CW Invasion?

Yes, this is the CQ Worldwide CW WPX (prefix) contest, from 0000z (last night) until 2359z tomorrow night. Just wait until you take a look at 7070 tonight.

Avoiding this contest was one of the major reasons why the TDW was moved (back) to the first weekend in June.


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From: Larry Rockne #404 <pops4355@...>
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Subject: [070Club] CW Invasion?

Has 20 meter digital frequencies been invaded by CW? I am sitting on 14.070 and have copied 2 stations, one a 1, & 9,  and have seen more.  (I think its a contest).
I have seen more CW than PSK and FT8.
Larry WA7HDZ #404

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