Re: Go Figure ?

Brian Wolf Leverich

On Mon, May 14, 2018 at 05:05:18AM -0700, John Kirby wrote:

... PSK 31 ...

Band Conditions ?
...  or ...
Old hat ?

Seems like low sun spots only wipe out psk freqs
... while ...
same band CW es FT8 freqs work the world at 15W

Go figure

It's possible that there's something subtle going on with CW and FT8.

Whether or not a QSO is possible is a function of the characteristics of the
stations at *both* ends of the ether.

*You* may be using 15W and even a wire antenna, but the *other* guy may be
using a kilowatt or more and stacked yagis on a 240' tower.

I usually run 100W on CW and FT8 and have passable transmit and receive
antennas at a semi-rural QTH. I am prolly about to start routinely running
about 400-500W on FT8, because my average signal report is about 6db down from
how I can hear other stations with my station.

Part of the reason why we can't talk on PSK may be that we have a pretty
strong anti-QRO ethic, so I don't know how many big-gun stations even try to

OTOH, given the technical characteristics of PSK, we may not be able to
tolerate a mixed QRP and QRO environment like CW and FT8 do ...


73 de WA6I (Wolf)

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