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John Etling

You can near work FT8 nearly anytime of the day on 30m. Lately PSK has been a struggle on any band and rather than sit and wait until maybe I can decode someone I fall back to FT8 where contacts, on most bands and near 24x7, are plentiful. I rarely see a limited amount of opportunities on FT8. This on a 44’ vertical.


I’m Just Sayin’

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PSK31 is good down to -10 dB S/N ratio. FT8 is good down to -23dB or so. Since the dB scale is logarithmic rather than linear, the difference is huge.

I love working PSK when the bands permit. When I turn on my radio, I check out all the PSK frequencies from 80m  up to 10m. However, if I do not see signals that I can work using  PSK, I will start up WSJT-X and try FT8. I have WSJT-X linked to HRD using JTAlert so I can still log my FT8 contacts in the same database as my other digital contacts.

I rarely see DX signals on PSK with current band conditions; but DX signals are fairly common on FT8 because of the huge difference in capability of that mode during difficult conditions. I have not picked up additional DXCC entities, but I have worked quite a few ones I have worked on PSK when times were good.

I am using a 40 meter OCF wire strung at only 21 ft height. It tunes 40m, 20m, 10m, and 6m fairly well. With a tuner, I have made contacts on 12m, 15m and 17m as well when propagation is good. However, since experimenting with FT8, I have made 40 contacts on 30m, even though my antenna is very inefficient on that band and propagation has been poor. The efficiency of FT8 overcomes the inefficincy of my antenna.

So if you can make contacts on PSK, by all means do so. I would love to see yuou on the waterfall. But when PSK is just not there, FT8 will keep you on the air.


Subject: Re: [070Club] Go Figure ?

FT8 is much more robust as a weak signal mode.


That being said, I'm happy to struggle along with PSK31 and have actual human-to-human interaction!  ;>)






On Mon, May 14, 2018 at 8:05 AM, John Kirby wrote:


 ... PSK 31 ...


Band Conditions ?

...  or ...

Old hat ?


Seems like low sun spots only wipe out psk freqs

... while ...

same band CW es FT8 freqs work the world at 15W


Go figure




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