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Jerry N9AVY

A beam at 40 ft is always a game changer.  Sometimes with poor conditions my beam will be aimed East and I won't hear stations from West or South... if Asia is on, I probably won't hear them.  :-(   When noise level here is S-9 or more, many stations will be lost in noise.

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Don't give up on PSK31.  Even with prop as poor as it is, there is still activity on 20m during the daylight hours and 40m after the sun sets.  When you don't see a signal on the band, try calling CQ  every 30 seconds.  Bet you won't go 10 minutes without a contact.  Yup, I'm in an HOA too, and restrictions make it harder than having a tower and beam.  But even measly antennas work.  I worked Carlos - TI8II on 20m at 15:31 UTC today with 30w from my driveway with a 20m Hamstick on a magmount on the roof of my Honda CRV.  It doesn't get much poorer for a poor antenna!  599 both ways.  So keep trying.  The harder it is, the more satisfying the QSO least for me.  The Three Day Weekend Contest is coming up June 1-3 and I guarantee that no matter how bad prop is, there will be a bunch of PSKers on the bands.  Hope to work you then.
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