KC3EF/M Report for 4/30/18

Richard Rohrer

Back in FL for about a week, before heading for SC.  

I worked the following stations on Friday 4/27 while heading for Mobile, AL.  Grid EM44: KF2GQ, KC3FL.  Grid EM43: KC8WSM, KD6BSL, N4BLC, W3MEL, KE0HMS, and N9AVY finally!!!  Grid EM42: K4IIA & NC6W.  

Propagation seemed to be good into FL when I was operating, as well as the West Coast. 

Next mobile adventure will be in October heading for Pacific Northwest.  Will be going thru parts of NV, OR, and WA.  I will post the grids when plans are firmed up a bit better. 

Dick - KC3EF 

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