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Paula K7PAX #1739

Congrats Steve! You had to hang in there quite a while to bag this one!


Paula K7PAX #1739


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Sent: Wednesday, April 25, 2018 5:06 PM
Subject: [070Club] W3HF - Steve - Completes 366!


Steve – W3HF – just completed his 366.  He is the 32nd person to do so. Steve only missed April 26th last year because he got mixed up on the one remaining day he needed.  After waiting a whole year…he nailed it!  Congratulations Steve.  And an extra “Well Done!” for persistence!


Steve previously completed the 24/7 endorsement.  Therefore, he also earned the Clock and Calendar Endorsement for working every day of the year, Leap Day, and every hour block of every day of the week.  He is only the 17th person to reach this phenomenal milestone!


Steve is 070 Member #25 and is the Steve in the “Where In the World Is Steve” endorsement.  He is LONP #2 and the current LONP Honor Role leader with 1550 members worked.  Please join me in congratulating him in adding 366 and Clock and Calendar to his long list of fine accomplishments!


Rick - N7WE 

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