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Jim K5SP

If you are using MixW for 31 Flavors, check your adif file before submitting to the checker.  I first submitted mine, and the checker only gave me credit for the first PSK31 contact with each member, I had an astonishing number of dupes.   Knowing fairly well that I took cautions to prevent dupes, I was amazed at my score.

Upon investigation, MixW log had a mode of PSK, and a submode for the variant of PSK.  The checker apparently did not pick up on the <SubMode> tag, and counted all my contacts as PSK, thereby discrediting the contacts with the other modes.  After editing my adif and deleting the "<Mode:3>.PSK" tag, and taking the Sub off of the <SubMode:5>PSK63 tag did it correctly score my log.  If perchance you worked a 125, the Submode woul be <SubMode:6>.  In adif, the number indicates the number of characters in the actual data following a tag.

Jim K5SP

Jim,  K5SP #483
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