Important 070 News!

Rick - N7WE

Two items of important news this Monday morning: 

First, the deadline for submitting your logs for 31 Flavors will be Saturday, May 5.


Second, we need volunteers to be Bonus Stations for the upcoming Three Day Weekend Contest.  This year the contest will run from 0000 UTC Friday June 1 to 2359 UTC Sunday June 3.  Steve – VA3TPS - will be the 2017 Top Dawg Bonus Station, but we need at least 5 more Bonus Stations.  Hopefully, they will be sufficiently geographically dispersed so that even with the poor propagation we have been experiencing, everyone will have opportunities to work Bonus Stations .  It is not necessary that a Bonus Station operate continuously during the contest, but you should be able to commit to operating a substantial portion of all three days!


Please contact our Executive Director – Matt – AK4MK – at info@... to volunteer.  He needs to hear from you by this coming Saturday May 28th We will post the list of selected Bonus Stations in the announcements leading up to the contest. 
Rick - N7WE
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