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F.R. Ashley


You make some good points.  I think it is going to get worse.  Like I've said before, if the ARRL gets its way, and probably will, there will be  380,000 Techs getting on HF and FT-8.   The digital areas will be obliterated.  We better figure out a way to get a grip of this somehow.

73 Buddy WB4M

It was probably a foregone conclusion the fox and hound mode would be abused by a certain percentage of hams.

On 4/21/2018 08:37 AM, Rick - N7WE wrote:

I think you should do it!  I also think there are several points that might be emphasized.
1)  We are not "anti" FT-8, or any other form of amateur radio communications and believe there is room in the spectrum for all of us.  We are not trying to put the Genie back in the bottle.  What we are asking is common ham courtesy and respect of the commonly accepted band plans.
2)  We understand that the rules governing operating frequency and mode allow FT-8 operation at frequencies that had previously been thought of as PSK, or RTTY, or CW, etc. frequencies.  Historically, the "gentlemen's agreement" of band plans has worked well.  Now it seems under attack.  While FT-8 operators are legal, "Just because you can, doesn't mean you should!"
3) The 17m default FT-8 frequency has virtually eliminated the PSK on 17m.  It should be noted that 18.100 was not Joe's original setting for the default.  That was changed in later releases, after a lot of back and forth on the WSTJ-X reflector.
4) The pre-release tests of the new "DX Fox and Hound" approach has led to abuse by DX operators using it outside of test periods, contrary to the WSTJ group's specific request.  It has also led to "spreading" the FT-8 activity into much broader frequency ranges disrupting other modes that are on historical frequencies.
5)  Many operators are running FT-8 at power levels beyond "necessary to establish reliable communications."  Doing so on historical "other mode" frequencies, adds to the QRM of low power modes like PSK, compounding the problem.

Just my 2 cents - your's to use, loose, or abuse as you see fit!  Good luck Steve, I think you will be a fine representative of the ham community!
Rick - N7WE
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