Re: PSK vs FT8 Talk Show Invite

Richard Rohrer

Hi Steve,

I think you should go on the show and explain the problems encountered by users of other digital modes with the FT8 group selection of default frequencies.

I have expressed my view to my local Section Manager and got a "get the ARRL nor the FCC can regulate the frequencies different modes use" if they are in the FCC frequency allocation table.  As others have stated, the problem seems to be that the ARRL has pushed the mode thru several articles and then the Grid Chase.  Which many operators feel that the ARRL is partially responsible for the problem.  Some have suggested we just move down the band into the traditional CW frequencies, which according to the allocation table we can legally do, and see if that shocks the league into action.   I for one, don't think is the correct solution, since it would make other digital user just as bad as the FT8 group.  It does seem psk31 could move down some what since there is very little CW activity above 14.050.  

My 2 cents for what it is worth.

Dick - KC3EF

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