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Jerry N9AVY

About the repeaters on 2m .....   was there in the 80's up to now.  Living in far Northern suburbs of Chicago just about every repeater was busy almost 24 hours.  All the repeater pairs were assigned and there were some renegade (not coordinated) repeaters.   Flash forward to today and most of those repeaters are more or less silent with some occasional traffic. My home repeater on 145.410 was one of 2 in the country in the 70's with the other being in Harvard MA. 
Think it became some sort of status symbol or ego booster to say you owned a repeater .  This was also happening on 440  and 220. 
Perhaps that that will happen to some of the digital modes; they will fall into disuse as our ham population decreases...
just my 2 cents ...
Jerry   n9avy

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I think that would be a great idea.  The clutter in the digital bands is only going to get worse unless there is a concerted effort to get it better organized world-wide.
The Digital Modes Club lists somewhere over 100 modes that they are accepting QSO data from for their awards.  Here's the link: .  I mention that only to show that has the potential to be much more than the FT8 vs PSK31 problem.  

A lot of CW today is being sent and/or received by computer soundcard so it is not quite like the CW of old.  A merger of the CW and digital bands or similar could help with freeing up some bandwidth.  Maybe set aside a portion of the CW band solely for traditional CW operation, send by hand and copy by ear.

Finally, I remember the problems decades ago with the large number of two meter FM repeaters that sprung up almost overnight.  It ended up with the designated repeater coordinators who had the authority to clean up the clutter.  A digital mode coordinating group could be created.  PSK would be assigned a certain area, FT8 and other modes as well.  Some modes could be co-located in the same area depending on how well they play together.  Any new digital modes would be welcomed but would be assigned a certain area to operate within the digital world.  This would be different than the current "band plan" that is basically a gentleman's agreement.  DXPeditions and contests need to be considered.

We are not going to fix it overnight but separating PSK and FT8 on 17 meters would be a good start. 

Thanks and have a great weekend!

Bill N4GBK -  creating havoc on the airwaves since 1963     

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Subject: [070Club] PSK vs FT8 Talk Show Invite
You guys might remember a while back that I mentioned I had written to the hosts of Ham Radio Now, Gary Pearce and David Goldenberg. From Davis's emaill to me today, it appears that Joe Taylor has not responded and Gary Hinson, ZL2FB stated that his work schedule didn't allow him any free time.  So having said that, I have been invited to come on the show and discuss the FT8 vs PSK issues.

This would be a monumental task but i would be honored to represent the members of this group, not officially, but as a ham that enjoys PSK and is concerned about the encroachment into the PSK sections of the band. My perspective would not be one as confrontational but as a person seeking common sense cooperation on this issue. 

I guess my questions to the 070 Group are, should I accept the offer?  Secondly, what constructive comments and points should I make to get some attention from ARRL, IARU, and others organizations? I know we have had days of ranting and complaining of which I have taken part. In order to do this the right way we need to approach it calmly and logically.

So I am open for constructive points and comments and do you think this would be something I should do?  Honestly, I know there are people here in the club like Matt, David, or Jim that would be a far better choice to be a Youtube celebrity than me.




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