Re: CQ CQ CQ de PSE K ????

Dan Morris - KZ3T

So right Ray — I believe we have all made mistakes but then there are those out there that love to point out your mistakes as if they have never made any!!!

Dan Morris  KZ3T

I live to live for Him!

On Apr 13, 2018, at 8:15 PM, Ray Clements <r.clements@...> wrote:

I try to be sympathetic when people make that kind of error. Either I have made the same error in the past, or I may make the same error in the future. 

The error I make most frequently is answering someone's CQ without first clicking on His Call. It really gets confusing for the other station when I send back some strange call sign. It does not take me long to recognize the error of my ways, but the other station probably considers me to be an idiot. In that moment, I am guilty as charged. 


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I have to sympathize with the person calling CQ and not sending his call.
I did the same thing in the 2018 PSKfest.

I had my CQ macro all set up and started to call CQ, several tines, with no answer,
then someone came back with: YOUR CALL??

My eyes quickly shot up to my transmitted data, sure enough, no call. Changed my
macro and all was well.

Oh Well.....never to old to learn something or make a mistake.

Larry WA7HDZ #404

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