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Richard Rohrer

Hi Jay,


I am running an IC7100 at 80 watts to a 20 mtr hamstick mounted on the left rear of the Town & Country mini-van.  The mount is about at the height of the tail light.   For the computer I am using a ASUS UX360 laptop/tablet with a SSD.  Running Fldigi with N3FJP ACL for the logging.  Setup seems to be working fairly well.  I like that I can connect to the 7100 thru an USB interface which eliminates the need for any extra boxes.  The control head of the 7100 sets on the dash cupholders really well and the radio body is under the right front seat.  The 20 mtr hamstick has SWR of about 1.5 to 1.  I tried the 40mtr, but the SWR is really bad, so I need to play with it some more.


Hope that answers your question.



Dick – KC3EF


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What is Dick running as a mobile setup?

Interested to learn more.

- Jay  N1RWY

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