KC3EF/M Report for 4/13/18

Richard Rohrer

I had a fairly productive day on the road.  Worked the following from EM43: VE2UC, JD, 140; N7WE, Rick, 1602; K7PAX, Paula, 1739; KB1PJ, David; KA4ZXW, NASA/Langley.  The Langley station was giving a demonstration for a group of school students. 

From EM44: N2MLP, Brian, 718; KC8WSM, Bill, 1191; KG6MZS, Eric, 814.

From EM35: VA3FLF, Steve, 2301; N4KXO, Jay.

Finally from EM36: N6CEK, Charles, 2163 who was mobile in AZ.  

Propagation seemed to be better to the North East coast or to the West.  I could just make out Rick, but enough for a contact and the same with N4KXO, Jay, another FL station.  Heard nothing from the rest of the South or the mid-West, which is probably why I could not work N9VY, Jerry.  Had some brief traces of EU stations, but not enough for a contact.  

We are stationary in Lake Ozark for the rest of the week and then on to St Louis.  

It was fun to work everyone and I will post when heading back down to FL.

Dick - KC3EF

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