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No do not got to the CW part of the band then we at just as bad as the FT8 stations. We
have to hold our ground where we are. I think this contest is only one year and will be 
over the end of Dec. Unless the ARRL does something else with it. I have been having luck
on the freq were we work PSK just stay where we are and most of all do not increase the
power if we do that we will not be able to use the freq our self. And one other thing dont
send the ARRL nothing they will not do any thing. They have there little group of people that
they will do anything for but for us little guys they say to hell with you. All they want is our

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All things have a habit of working themselves out in the end .... give it time

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And three rights make a left!

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But two rights make an airplane !

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No... two wrongs don't make a right.  I was raised better than that.


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Which is why we need to invade to CW band to get their attention. I have been saying this for a long time now and it goes unnoticed Justin KC2GIK
> They were sure flying the FT8 flag high and proud when the mode came
> out, but now that it’s becoming a headache they want to wash their
> hands of it.  Go figure.
> He’s right about the OO program, but it was broke before the FCC
> totally quit enforcement.  That’s why I turned in my credentials.
> So much for representing the hobby.
> Mike
> WM4B
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> This is what I received from the NTX section Manage to my message to
> him regarding the FT8 issues:
> Jim,
> I am not sure what I can do to help. I bet many of these stateside FT8
> operators are newbies and may not even be members of the league.
> The OO program is basically dead at this point due to FCC dysfunction.
> The ARRL has no standing to pressure another company to do anything.
> The OO program would probably be the best bet. I am CC'ing the NTX OOC
> on this reply.
> You could also write an article for QRZ--
> 1. If the OO program is "Dead", why would the OO program be the best bet?
> 2. Anyone want to write a QRZ article?
> 3. Would agree ARRL has no official standing, but, are they not acting
> like a PAC with the FCC?  They can and do lobby for what they think is
> in the best interest of hams (or what will line their pockets).
> --
> Jim,  K5SP #483
> Member Services Director

Justin Mattes-KC2GIK


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