Older Radios On PSK31 - Fun Question

Bill Garwood

Hi Folks,

Things have settled down so I though I'd ask a question on here just for fun.  Jerry's TS-850 dates from around 1990.  My first PSK31 QSOs were with a TS-680 built in 1988 with a Signalink.  It did poorly when the band was busy as it had no filters and the waterfall would turn to mush.  I remember having PSK31 QSOs on 20 meters with a station running a Heathkit HW-101 and another with a Swan 350.  The HW-101 dates back to about 1970 and the Swan to the late 1960s.  What is the oldest PSK31 rig you have used or have worked on the air?

Have a great week and will see you in the 31 Flavors contest.

Bill N4GBK

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