ARRL Involvement (Off Topic)

Mike Besemer - WM4B #348 <mwbesemer@...>

I sent a thoughtful and polite email to ARRL leadership today, with copies sent to a number of the officers.  I discussed the current issues with FT8, the International Grid Challenge, and DXpedition mode of WSJT-X. 

I just received a response from Barry Shelley, N1VXY, ARRL CEO.  It read, in total, as follows:

Just an FYI. While he MAY have a point, WM4B has not been a member since 2016.


Barry, N1VXY

I suspect that I was NOT supposed to be included on that response.  My reply was as follows:

So am  to understand that NOT being a member causes my inputs to be excluded?

As an aside, the reason I am no longer a member involves a dispute with your merchandizing department.  An order I placed arrived to me damaged and my request for assistance was met with a VERY rude response.  That is something I refuse to tolerate from any organization and I asked that my membership be canceled on the spot. 

Judging from this response, I suspect I made the right decision.



I think they should change their tagline to read “The National Organization for Amateur Radio – as Long as you Pay your Dues”.

It’ll be a cold day before they ever get another penny from me.



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