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Justin Mattes--KC2GIK

Lately, it seems we're talking more about FT8 than PSK.........
You should be able to tell the difference on your waterfall.  A decent
PSK31 signal had defined edges and an FT-8 looks more like a squiggle
with  teeth like edges.
Jerry  n9avy

From: Geary McDowell <>
Sent: Tuesday, March 27, 2018 5:52 PM
Subject: Re: [070Club] Message to FT8 User

Oh no Steve, you were not.  I, like you, worked with the public for many
years, I'm pretty tough skinned  HI HI HI.  Having worked in Federal
programs most of my career, I am a strict rule follower, so I would not
intentionally be in the wrong place.  It would definitely be by
accident.  Hey, have you found good Carolina BBQ in Canada yet?  HI HI 
We had a good PSK QSO in Feb.  I want to do what is right as I am still
pretty new to the hobby, trying to learn as much as I can so I will do it
right; and help around here, with over 400 HAMs is very little.  They
prefer to keep help to their secret groups with only about four exceptions
to that, and I am a past president of the local big club and they still
won't help.  I was just licensed about 8 months for HF before major SWR
issues took me off the HF bands for nine years, and no one here
could/would/wanted to help.  It is all okay now and I am enjoying more
than just being the net control for the local storm team, which is why I
became a HAM.  Then I found all these other things that were cool too. 
All is good, and I cannot tell who is on other bands when FT8 and PSK are
in the wrong places on my waterfalls, so I cannot join in on the group
discussion there.  HI HI  Ignorance CAN be bliss.  HI HI
I prefer PSK and would like to see a LOT more people on there.73 to all,
Geary KE5IRK
On Tue, Mar 27, 2018 at 5:28 PM, Steve R via Groups.Io
<> wrote:

My apologies Geary if I was offending on my post.  You had a Honest
mistake and I understand. There are those that are intentionally setting
up in the PSK areas and that’s what has everyone on edge.  Again my
apologies if I came across as brash.

On Mar 27, 2018, at 17:50, Geary McDowell <> wrote:

Okay Steve, and anyone else who noticed the same.  I had a major eh,
total hard drive crash on the 12th, after my week and half of rebuilding
my system, it is NOT a simple system, I finally got everything
reinstalled.  I trusted the freqs in the WSJT-X program were correct, and
checking, they are.  I start my day trying to make a PSK contact, usually
on 20M.  I can tell more about the bands there looking at that
waterfall.  I get maybe 5 a week on PSK.  I have still been averaging 80
a day on FT8.  Then it hit me.  Over the weekend I saw, which is most
often, no one on PSK which is my preferred mode.  So I went to spin the
dial to listen in for SSB stations during last weekend's contest.  My
hearing is just too bad and I don't have the patience for the contest
stations who talk so fast this retired Oklahoma boy cannot understand
them.  I had longer spurts of no replies to my FT8 CQs the past two days
than ever.  With major storms in the area I thought that might have been
it.  I noticed my radio was unlocked.  I usually keep the dial locked so
the freq does not change at the radio, only via software as the family
uses the same computer and I don't always turn off the radio.  Maybe that
was it.  I WILL pay closer attention to the software and radio freq
screens to make sure I am calling at 14.074 when using FT8.  I've not
noticed that issue in PSK.  If you see me calling in the "so called" PSK
freq range, please let me know.  The locals here are still telling me
there is a "data" range and preferred freqs.  But they are the same ones
who told me for nine years to put on new coax to solve the >31 SWR issues,
and I already had done that.  HI HI73, always like to learn and I have a
lot to learn,Geary, KE5IRK
On Tue, Mar 27, 2018 at 3:26 PM, Geary McDowell <> wrote:

Hummm, no I did not notice that.  My system my still be having more
issues than I thought.  Thank you and I will look into that further.73,
Geary, KE5IRK
On Tue, Mar 27, 2018 at 2:33 PM, Steve R via Groups.Io
<> wrote:

Email today to KE5IRK.

Do you realize you are calling FT8  CQ right in the center of the PSK
band at 14.071.8?  Could be a reason no one is answering.


When all else fails, Amateur Radio works.

When all else fails, Amateur Radio works.

When all else fails, Amateur Radio works.

Justin Mattes-KC2GIK

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