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Hi Folks,

I'm gonna make these comments and then crawl back in my hole.

There is a reason a bunch of FT8 signals are on the "normal" PSK frequencies.  There is a new trend by DXPeditions to operate FT8 and they have been telling everyone in the DX world on their websites and DX newsletters etc. to go to 14.070, 7.070 etc.  Below is from the 7Q7EI website:

We have begun operating FT8, in DXpedition 'FOX' mode...version 1.9 rc3.
We will try to work 4 Khz below the recommendations on each band...
1.836, 3.569, 7.070, 10.132, 14.074, 18.096, 21.070, 24.911, 28.070

Not sure where to go with this but whoever is organizing these DXPeditions needs to move up a couple of kHz or so to 14.072. 7.072 etc.    We saw this a couple of weeks ago with that DXPedition in the Pacific.  The stations calling the DXPedition are following the directions that are being posted all over the web.  These frequencies are being selected by the DXPedition organizers and not by K1JT and not by the stations calling the DX station. (The K1JT group is responsible for the 18.100 fiasco but that is different than what is going on with the DX crowd.)  This is a global problem for PSK operators whenever there is a band opening to the DXPedition.  More DXPeditions are coming, how do we persuade them to move up the band a bit with their FT8? 

Also, the ARRL Grid competition for 2018 is for all modes including FT8.  If you check the leaderboard, the top guns are making a lot of CW and SSB contacts as well as other digital modes besides FT8.
See you on the waterfall.  31 Flavors coming soon.

73 and Happy Radio!

Bill N4GBK #1688 LONP #252  making QRM and TVI since 1963

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